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Long Haul Lager

Long haul Lager pairs German pilsner malt and a mix of hop varieties to yield a light bodied brew with a zesty floral edge. This beer is built for all day festivals and is a true plate cleanser

ABV. 5.2% 
Sunday River Alt

Alt is made with German hops, caramel and chocolate malts. This combination produces a fully flavored, well rounded beer that is usually indicative of the old (alt) German cold storage technique

ABV 4.5%
Red Stone Ale

Red Stone is pale ale with a deep reddish hue derived from roasted barley and crystal malt. Pacific northwest hops are used to add flavor and aroma and stand against a strong malt backbone

ABV 5.5%
Raspberry Wheat


Raspberry wheat combines pilsner malt and a touch of wheat. The use of German varieties of hops play a subdued roll in production. The yield is a very smooth brew that appeals to light beer drinkers

ABV 4%
Mountain Mama IPA

Mountain mama IPA is hearty and hoppy!

A late in the kettle addition of hops and dry hopping adds an extra level of aroma and flavor

ABV 6.0%
Black Bear Porter

Big, bold and black! English goldings hops and a blend of dark and roasted malt provides full bodied taste with hints of dark fruit and toffee

ABV 6%
Jamaican Stout

Jamaican stout is a very dark moderately strong roasty ale. Flavors of coffee, toffee, and dark fruit combined with English hops

ABV 6.7%
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